Sewage Treatment Terminology Explained A-Z Part 4; F to K; Ferric Sulphate to Kjeldahl Nitrogen

We are back with Week 4 of our series explaining terms/jargon/terminology used in the area of sewage or wastewater treatment.  This week we review terminology beginning with 'C-E'.  The terms are; Ferric Sulphate (FeSO4), Final Effluent, Final Settlement Tank, Foul Sewage, Humus Tank, Influent & Kjeldahl Nitrogen.

22. FERRIC SULPHATE (FeSO4): A chemical that is dosed into SEWAGE Treatment Plants to reduce PHOSPHORUS levels.

23. FINAL EFFLUENT: The effluent discharged from a SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT after all treatment has occurred.


25. FOUL SEWAGE: Untreated SEWAGE.

26. HUMUS TANK: A tank in which Humus (or settleable solids) is separated from the effluent flowing through it, which comes from the AEROBIC or BIOZONE stage of a Treatment System. AKA; SECONDARY SETTLMENT, FINAL SETTLEMENT OR CLARIFIER. 

27. INFLUENT: Sometimes used to describe the effluent entering a SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT i.e. RAW SEWAGE.

28. KJELDAHL NITROGEN: It is the total of organic and AMMONIA NITROGEN.

More detailed explanations of parameters used to measure final effluent quality can be found by clicking on the links e.g. BOD, SS, NH4, N, COD & P.

The next article will explain terms/jargon used in sewage treatment from N to P; Nitrate to Primary Settlement Tank.

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